Broadcast Telecom


Broadcast Telecom is a new telecommunications provider. Serving both retail and wholesale markets they provide geographical and non-geographical numbering, complex routing solutions, Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) services and hosted telephony for Start-ups, SME’s and Blue Chips clients with a focus on real time routing and billing.

One of our largest projects to date, we were delighted to be offered this exceptional project. From initial UX consultancy and planning through to front end website design and client / admin UI’s we have planned and designed over 112 individual pages to date and are on-board long term as the project readies for launch.

“The experience and technical understanding that Osbourne Carter has provided has been breathtaking. Every task we have thrown at them has been taken on board without issue. We look as them as our long-term partner who not only understand our vision, but also our business values, products and services. Its fair to say we would not be where we are today without their guidance, technical expertise and business acumen.”

Some of the work we have undertaken for Broadcast Telecom

 - Brand / Identity
- Website Design / Development
- Client Portal UI  & UX Design
- Client Portal Development
 - Telco Platform Development
- iPhone App Design / Development
- Online Marketing / PR
- Various Printed Materials


May 3, 2012 Featured